When the Brno Run, which promoted athletics in the busiest streets of the city of Brno from 1919 until the Second World War, disappeared, the Sokol Brno I athletes founded the Lužánky Run, which actually continues the pre-war tradition of Brno’s endurance athletes and their competitions. The environment of Lužánky and the suitable length and terrain allowed the organizers of the race to expand the race program for all ages. The best Moravian runners took turns at their start.

The race has always been the first test of our endurance athletes at the beginning of the athletic season and traditionally starts the running season in Brno. So far, none of the runners have managed to win the race on the main track more than five times. The record of five Kocourek victories is still unbeaten.

Lužánky run in time


Begin of Sokol tradition

Premiere of 1946
During preparations of the first run from the year 1946 was in the Brno press written: „Interest of the Brno Athletics is focused on the start of the spring season, which will be on the 17th March at 10am a manifestation run from many parts of Brno with an end in Lužánky. Involved will be adults, soldiers in light field equipment, members of the „SNB“, women, older juniors and scouts. After the ending of this run will be in Lužánky the own race, which is organised by Sokol Brno I…“

And what could the readers read after the opening in the year 1946? – „Šalé wins in the Brno Luzanky Run. In cold Sunday’s morning, the were converging from different parts of Brno Athletes, soldiers and scouts into Lužánky, that they could initiate the start of the season of the Brno’s athletes during the flag raising through their attendance. To the 250 soldiers, 150 athletes ans 100 scouts spoke the univ. prof. dr. Vojta, chairman of the Brno’s athletes and the chairman of the provincial people’s commitee dr. Loubal, who gave the main race the challenge trophy. Main race, which had three rounds, 1630 m each, was a loot of the favourite Šalé. For the other places behind the Brno’s athlet Šalý has been fought a hard fight, which ended up well for the Zlín’s runner Roudný…“


Begin of Sokol tradition

Second season 1947
The second run was on 16. March 1947. Lets name few titels from Brno’s newspapers after the race: „More than 200 athletes greeted the spring in Lužánky“ – „Good efforts on a hard track“ – „Šalé beaten for the first time in the Brno’s cross-country“…Here are at least fer words about the race: „ …First ran on Sunday the Brno’s athletes, soldiers and members of the Military alliance through the Brno’s streets, so they could announce their accession to the new athletics season, entry into the foreolympic year and the assembled than in Lužánky gardens, that they could fight here the first race of this year. The March sun, heating at least in take wind has elevated the mood of the runners… Zubatý evaluated all conditions well and ran the race from the beginning in good diction and he held the tempo and head start till finish …“

The third year was in the Spring 1948. Despite the unfree circumstances lasting for more than four decades has the Brno Luzanky Run kept its character and it lived its life in the city park. Atmosphere of the race was similar to the atmosphere of the first two years. Organisator of the meeting were in these years the athletics squad TJ Zbrojovka Brno. The run was getting bigger and more famous and it belonged to prestigious cross-country races in the republic. The biggest fame achieved the race in the 60´s, 70’s and 80’s of the last century led by the athletics squad TJ Zbrojovka Brno, when the best czech long-distance runners and milers were taking part constantly. The race was publicized in the media, for that time, very strongly.


1990s and turn of the century

After the velvet revolution was the organising „given back to“ Sokol Brno I. The Brno’s „sokolové“ (falcons) continued in successfull years from the past. At the turn of the years 2005/2006 gave Ing. Radim Jetelina (Župa Jana Máchala) the intelligible relay to the club Track & Field Brno. This club organises the meeting in cooperation with other Brno’s athletes till present days.

Athletic club
Track & Field Brno

saves the existence of the traditional Brno run.