Be ready for 70th Luzanky Run in 2015 and train with your COACH!



You have an opportunity to prepare yourself for Luzanky Run directly on the race track.



Every Saturday at 10:00 AM in Luzanky park.

The first trainings were focused on the development of general endurance. We ran the contiguous free runs with a larger volume, low-intensity running, and we tried to keep low heart rate. Another trainings are moving more to the pace, up to the level of anaerobic threshold. There were repeated 2-3 km stretches at a set rate and specified pause. The content of the training units are also special running exercises, straights, coordination exercises, special reflective exercises, corrective exercises for runners / fitness and stretching exercises /.


SATURDAY RUN 2015:   next training - 28.03.2015

Saturday / 14.03.2015

Saturday / 07.03.2015

Staurday / 28.02.2015

Saturday / 21.02.2015

Jogging 3km, special running exercises 0.3km, straights with focus on technique, special endurance 2x2, jogging 2km

Saturday / 14.02.2015

Jogging 3km, stair-climbing 2x3, stair-jumping 1x2, special endurance 2x1600m, jogging 2km

Saturday / 07.02.2015

Jogging 3km, warm-up, 2x4 straights, free run 5 - 6km

Saturday / 31.01.2015

Jogging 3km, warm-up, stair-climbing 1x5, continuous run with increasing pace, stretching, strengthening, jogging

Saturday / 24.01.2015

Jogging 3km, special running exercises 0.4km, 3x straights, 2x 1600m pace run, 3x straights, jogging 1km

Saturday / 17.01.2015

Jogging 2.5km, special running exercises 0.3km, 3x5 (30s jogging - 20s pace 70 % - 10s submaximal), jogging 2.5km + stretching

Saturday / 10.01.2015

Jogging 3km, warm-up, running alphabet 0.3km, 3x straights, 2 x 2km pace run at the level of anaerobic threshold, stretching, jogging 1km

Saturday / 03.01.2015

Jogging 3km, warm-up, 2x5 stair-climbing at the stadium, free run

Saturday / 13.12.2014

Jogging 3km, warm-up, running alphabet, straights, development pace endurance 3 x (8min - 7min - 6 min), stretching, jogging 2 km

Saturday / 6.12.2014

Jogging 3km, warm-up, 2 x 2-3 km pace run with a pause between sections 3min, jogging 3km, 20min compensation practice / special stretching and strengthening exercises for endurance athletes /

Saturday / 29.11.2014

Jogging 10min, warm-up, 0.3 km running alphabet, 3 warm-up straights, 2 x 2km pace endurance with 3min pause, stretching, jogging 1 km

Saturday / 22.11.2014

Jogging 3km, warm-up, running 0.3 km special exercises, 5 x stair-climbing, free run 4-5 km, 0.5 km jogging

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